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How long will it take to have your quote?

In a few hours, always with a maximum of 24 hours. In order to send you the quote, you must indicate the languages, the deadline and send me the documents in order to analyze them and give you the most profitable budget for you. If you do not tell me any of this information, or do not send me the document, I will not be able to give you a quote. Requesting a quote does not imply commitment. You are the one who decides. If you accept, you must send me an email showing your agreement as soon as possible, so that your translation remains a priority and we do not have to renegotiate the deadline.

Can you give me a quote if I do not send you the document I want to translate?

No, even if you tell me the number of pages and the type of text, until I receive it and examine it, it would be impossible to tell you the exact price or the exact deadline. If you send me the text, I can give you a closed quote, without surprises for you or me. If you do not send it to me, that quote will only be approximate. In addition, I NEVER modify the agreed budget.

Do you offer an urgent translation service?

Yes of course. Urgent translation is that which is needed in 48 hours, on weekends, holidays, non-working days or the one that involves translating more than 3000 words per day, that is, the one that involves the work of more than one translator. This type of service implies an additional 25% of the usual rate. To request it, you can send me an email or call me directly by phone


Do you have a minimum rate?

If the translation does not reach 400 words I will apply the minimum rate (15 euros)

I do not understand the immense diversity of market rates. Why is there such a difference?

The translators-interpreters do not have, like other professions, a professional association that regulates our activity. Keep in mind that a freelance translator has to face numerous expenses: social security fee, work material, fee of the associations to which he belongs, formation courses, etc. Think that if someone offers you a much lower quote than the other professionals, you can certainly not meet the circumstances described above. We are all aware of the difficult stage we are going through, and we take it into account when giving rates, but logically, as professionals we have to relate price and quality, or we are determined to close the business. In any case, I take into account various factors when making a budget: thematic, deadline, volume of the order. Therefore, I always guarantee quality at a good price.


What is the delivery method?

The delivery method is agreed with the client. It is usually in the same format as the one the client sent it to me, unless otherwise specified. If you need it by courier, the client will bear the expenses.


How is payment made?

If the amount of the translation is more than 150 euros, the 50% deposit is requested as soon as the translation is accepted and the remaining 50% within 24 hours of its delivery. If it is less than that amount, it must be paid 100% within 24 hours after delivery. In the case of regular customers or companies, another payment policy can be negotiated. IMPORTANT: the cancellation of a translation order already agreed between the translator and the client implies the payment of the same. In the same way that I promise to offer the highest quality, and to deliver your translation within the agreed time, I ask that you show the same seriousness at the time of payment. Please, meet the agreed payment deadline.

Irene Requena

Freelance Translator – English, German, Italian into Spanish

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