why you should choose me?

The translation market is very broad and there are many translators.

Here you will find some reasons that show that choosing my services is always a good option

Excellent and continous academic background

I have studied in one of the best universities in Spain, in the field of Translation and Interpreting. In addition, it has not been the only university where I have studied, since I have also received international education in countries with an outstanding education system such as Iceland and Switzerland. During my university years and after finishing my degree, I have done different courses related to the world of translation and languages, since I am a very ambitious person and I want to reach the best possible version of myself as a professional.

A freelance professional

Hiring a freelance professional offers many more advantages than the services offered by translation agencies. I am the only intermediary during the whole process with the client (from the quote to the payment), so you will receive close attention and a service focused on the smallest detail. In addition, with regard to the economic issue, the costs of the intermediary would be saved.

Availability and personalized service

It is possible that the field of translation is unknown to you. For this reason, I will take care of studying your case in a personalized way and advise you to get the best result. If you have any questions, I am at your complete disposal by email or phone.


Being a translator is my only professional activity: I dedicate myself to it full-time and exclusively. Thanks to my professional experience, I have worked with a great variety of documents and clients, so I am fully prepared for your assignment. The translation market is not regulated. For this reason, you may find other translators with lower rates than mine, but you will surely make the mistake of sending your work to a person without the necessary education or experience. I know first hand many clients who have come to me after a bad experience with this type of “translators”, since the text was full of mistakes or never got the work done. Remember: “You get what you pay for”.

Confidentiality and quality

Confidentiality has a very significant value for me. You can be sure that any work and information shared with me will never go public and will be treated with complete confidentiality. Further. I assure you of the highest quality in your order, as I follow a thorough work process and with several review phases.

Differents clients: companies, individuals and translation agencies

The profile of my clients is totally different: from a private individual who asks for the translation of a school certificate to a multinational company that asks for the translation of a large volume of work. Also, I have clients all over the world.

Because I love my job

I think that I am lucky because I am able to work on what I like the most and in the way I want, as an freelance translator. Often texts have difficulties, or require many more hours than expected because there are segments that are intelligible. These are the moments that make you grow professionally.

Irene Requena

Freelance translator (German, English and Italian into Spanish)

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